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NOVEMBER 02.11.2019

The Village Cafe

Speakers: Michelle Archilla (hellomichy_), Hiroshi Jacobs (@hiroshi_jacobs), Jennifer Trezza (@jvtrezza).

Join us on our First Pecha-Kucha Talk! Free wine and snacks for everyone. WOHOO!

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Jennifer Trezza

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Michelle Archilla

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Hiroshi Jacobs

Learn from inspiring people who are leading the way to design a better world.

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Marketing Solutions Manager, Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion AIGA

Phim is a Hmong-American refugee who is interested in using art and design to impact…{…}

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Vaki Mawema

Architect / Musician

Vaki is the Director of Gensler DC’s 40-person Lifestyle Studio, which focuses on the design of experiential, branded…{…}

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Architect & CEO

Marshall Architecture before becoming Marshall Moya Design in 2010. In 2018, the firm rebranded as Michael Marshall Design…{…}

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Lifestyle Entrepreneurs

A small, Puerto Rican, family-owned-and-operated business committed to reinvigorating our…{…} https://www.spoonfoodtours.com/

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Olmedo Nazati

Designer and Maker

Designer and maker of Carbon Fiber and electric products. In this video you can see his latest Bicycle and Skateboard…{…}

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Independent Designer & Maker

Independent designer/maker located in the Washington D.C. area. Concentrating on producing unique and high quality products that…{…}

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Nick Garcia


I consider myself a very diverse writer. I credit such diversity to a passion to take on any story that is placed on my desk…{…}

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Mina Noorbakhsh

Graphic Designer & DJ

Mina brings #bunzandbeatz to some of the best clubs on the east coast …{…}

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Musician & Producer

Talented music producer searching for new ways to connect his musical ear and out of the box trends…{…} https://delasante.bandcamp.com

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Interview about a documentary being developed in Puerto Rico…{…}


NATi brizuela

Art Director & Designer

Founder of surcreative LLC, a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in Print, Digital and Experiential Graphic Design.

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David Fersh

AIA, LEED AP Architect

Fersh is the Visualization Technology Leader for SmithGroupJJR’s National Technology in Practice Group. Based in Washington, D.C.,…}…}

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Sculptor, architect, ceramicist

…installation artist, set designer, draftsman, teacher. Suárez earned his bachelor’s degree in architecture at the Catholic University…{…}